STAR OF DAVID necklace


Two triangles combined together, delicately forming the Star of David—a symbol echoing through the ages, embodying the spirit of the Jewish people.
Crafted by Itzhak and Talia Luvaton, a skilled father-daughter duo of goldsmiths, with unwavering faith in the notion that only through collective unity can we prevail.

When craftsmanship meets compassion, every purchase becomes a chapter in the larger story of support, solidarity, and unity.
A portion equivalent to 10% of the proceeds will go to organizations specifically focused on supporting IDF soldiers. The IMPACT! scholarship program under the FIDF organization, is aimed at funding academic studies for veterans of the IDF combat formation. 

Learn more about the IMPACT! program by clicking here.

STAR OF DAVID necklace made from solid sterling silver or 24k gold plated silver.
Pendant measures 15/25 mm, with a 42/45/50 cm length chain

- Please review our shipping information prior to purchase

Pendant Size:
Chain Length:

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