Visiting a local jeweler to have your finger sized is the best way to guarantee a perfect fit. Please note that each finger will have a different size.

If you can't do so, we recommend measuring your ring size with a mobile app, it is simple and convenient, but please note that it's not a substitute for professional measurement.

To do this, simply download the app for your mobile phone:

Android – 'Ring size' click to download
iPhones – 'Ring Sizer by Jason Withers' click to download

Install the app and follow these instructions:

  • Place a ring you have on the phone screen.
  • Adjust the on-screen circle size to your ring size. Notice that you adjust the size to the inner diameter of the ring.
  • The size you see on the screen is your size.

Note that all of our ring size is the US ring size.


All our chain lengths are measured in inches.
You can see here a comparison between inches and cm


16" - 40cm
18" - 45cm
20" - 50cm
22" - 55cm
25" - 65cm


7" - 17cm - recommended for women
8" - 20cm - recommended for men


Contact us for any questions concerning sizing or to order a custom ring/chain size.
Kindly keep in mind that we cannot accept exchanges due to incorrect sizing.